About Us

Pinkerton Leather Co. was founded by myself, Casey Pinkerton in 2018. A little back story on me, I was born and raised in Montana. Growing up in rural Montana I began messing around with leather crafts in 4-H and used different tack on a daily basis it seemed like. Everything saddles, spur straps, reins, head stalls, gloves, etc. So began my curiosity of leather.

After high school I attempted College and found out that wasn’t for me  and I started in the oilfield as a roughneck working on drilling rigs. I was able to do that until our rig shut down in 2007 which meant I had to find a new job well that led me to thinking. I decided to join the U.S. Marines. 

I ended up serving as a Marine infantryman stationed in Camp Lejeune,NC. I completed two combat tours, one to Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Those were some of the worst times of my life with the best guys you could ever meet but I honestly loved it. I ended up getting of the military with big dreams of what I was going to do.

On my journey of separating from the military I ended up going back to working on the drilling rigs out because why not, big money and only work half the year. I worked my way up through the drilling rigs and am currently a directional driller. I know the oilfield is a very volatile career path because you never know if you will have a job so led me to figuring a “side gig”.

Curiosity got the better of me when it came to knowing how a saddle was made, so I found a reputable saddle builder that puts schools once a year. After learning the art of saddle making I began to dabble with people asking me to build this or build that which leads us here to today. If you have read this far you deserve a discount for your suffering  enter ABOUTUS

My wife Laura assists me with doing most of the shipping and my three kids help me by keeping me on my toes. They are able to work with me everyday if they choose and they are always creating new projects with scrap leather. I think Everett has a minimum of 8 wallets at the time of writing this and Huntley always has creations that she makes. We live on a small farm in Gillette, WY raising cows, chickens, horses, and our pig that is more of a dog than pig. We live a chaotic amazing life and wouldn’t have it any other way.